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An Introduction and Overview of Microsoft word 2013

An introduction and over view of MS word 2013

Microsoft office word 2013 is the most powerful and sophisticated Word Processing program available today.
A computer program to create, edit and produce text document is the world processor. Through Microsoft office word 2013, you can create professional looking documents (like letter, story, a report, a newspaper, article, invoice format etc.) of nearly any type. You can also add tables, charts, arts, shapes, photos, and much more.
Starting word 2013
Click the start All programs Microsoft office 2013>Microsoft word 2013.
Start Run type winword ok.
Press Windows key + R Type “winword” OK.

Microsoft Word 2013

Alternative Way:

  1. Right-click choose New from the pop-up
  2. Click Microsoft office world document from the sub – menu.
  3. Double- click on the MS-World icon to open.

Opening window of Microsoft Word 2013

  • Starting a New Document

Whenever you open the word program window, there’s a brand new document waiting for you to begin’ with.

After you start adding content to the document, you can save it as a file and revisit it again. You can also start new document at any time.

Microsoft Word 2013


Click blank Document You can also choose a document type from the list of available templet; click the one you want to use a base for the new document to see a sample of the document in the right pane.

Microsoft Word 2013

Getting started with Microsoft word 2013

Before you jump in and start clicking buttons and scrolling randomly around the screen, take a few moments to orient yourself to the word program window. Much like learning your way around a town or city, learning your way around word takes a little piloting. You need to figure out where to find the commands you need and which direction will get you where you want to be.

Microsoft Word 2013

Navigating the program window

The word program window features several key elements you need to know about. First and foremost, you need to know where to find all the commands you’ll use to build and format your documents.


Quick Access Toolbar: Use the Quick access toolbar to save document or to undo and redo actions.

Microsoft Word 2013



File Tab: The office button, when clicked, lets you open backstage view with all kinds of options and feature for workings with the documents file.

Ribbon Tab: The ribbon group word’s commands into tab. Clicks a tab to view the associated commands.


Document area: The document work area is where you type and edit text and other document elements, with scrollbars on the right and bottom for moving around the screen. Click the scroll arrow buttons to move your view of the document page or drag the bar.


Status bar: The status bar displays status items, such as the current page you’re viewing and word count.


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